Florida Farmland for Sale

In recent years there has been an increase in demand in Florida Farmland for Sale.

At first glance we would not immediately recognize its relationship to commercial real estate, however, both farmland sales and agricultural land sales can be considered viable commercial investments for a variety of reasons.

Agriculture land provides many favorable investment traits that include the following:

  • CASHFLOW: Similar to a commercial ground lease (e.g., land lease), farmland can be purchased and leased to an operator for a variety of agricultural purposes, including cattle and livestock raising, plant nursery, and produce cultivation, including both in-ground farming and greenhouse operations.
  • VALUE APPRECIATION: As with any type of vacant land, and depending on market conditions, farmland value will also fluctuate over time. Historically, land value tends to appreciate, and it is no different for agricultural land, creating a hedge against inflation.
  • TAX BENEFITS: Agriculture land benefits from the Greenbelt Law, which provides the ability to have the land assessed favorably for property tax purposes, therefore creating annual savings in carrying costs.

The Florida Farm Land sales market creates a unique environment for landowners. Given the recent influx of new residents to the State, housing demand has increased which has created the demand for development land to build new homes. While some municipalities have strict density requirements, allowing only one home to be built per several acres, other municipalities are experiencing a housing shortage and allow a higher density for residential home development. In either scenario, agricultural landowners may have the opportunity to sell their land holdings to real estate developers, or other agricultural land investors, interested in investing in Florida farmland.

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Our Exclusive Florida Farmland for Sale Listings

Take a look at our exclusive Florida Farmland for Sale listings.

Florida Farmland for Sale

+/- 34.55 Acre Development Land Assemblage

This Six (6) Parcel +/- 34.55 Acre Development Land Assemblage in Polk County, Florida provides an opportunity for land bankers, land packagers, and land developers. The site is located east of high-growth Lake Wales in Central Florida and about one hour west of Orlando. 

Florida Farmland for Sale

+/- 29.25 Acre Agricultural Land

+/- 29.25 Acre Agricultural Land in Lake County, Florida. The zoning allows for the development of one Single Family Estate Home in a Residential / Agricultural setting. The property is composed of +/- 9.75 Acres of Useable Upland and +/-19.5 Acres designated for Conservation.


Florida Farmland for Sale

+/- 33.7 Acre Agriculture Land

+/- 33.7 Acre Agricultural Land in Newberry, Florida. The Property provides the potential to be commercialized as income-producing as an above-ground agricultural nursery or can potentially be subdivided for residential development in a farmland estate community. 

Irving J. Diaz is a seasoned commercial real estate advisor and broker with thirty (30) years of experience (Since 1993). He is a subject-matter expert involving a variety of commercial property asset classes and has represented a wide range of clients, including investors, developers, and corporate occupiers.

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