Occupier Services

Corporate Real Estate Brokerage Sales and Leasing.

Tenant Representation

The commercial space procurement process requires proper planning, research, and execution. While some corporate tenants are satisfied with simple commercial space layouts and generic lease terms, others have extensive buildout requirements resulting in elaborate lease structures. Regardless of how simplistic or complex a tenant’s commercial space requirements may be, the organization’s functional and economic needs must be addressed and satisfied. Our Tenant Representation Group has advised and guided countless corporate clients in many industries with the planning, site selection, and acquisition of commercial space to fulfill their operational requirements.

Buyer Representation

A well-crafted corporate real estate acquisitions plan is necessary to ensure an organization’s operational objectives. While most end-users tend to lease commercial space, other business plans require purchasing commercial properties. Our Buyer Representation Group has the experience to deliver the necessary guidance and support that an organization may need to accomplish its commercial property acquisition requirements.

Seller Representation

Planning for the disposition of corporate-owned commercial properties requires knowledge and experience in valuation analysis, marketing management, and transaction administration. The sales process needs to be professionally administrated from the planning stage through closing to mitigate obstacles, minimize delays, and achieve the intended results. With three decades of commercial real estate brokerage experience, our Seller Representation Group has the capabilities of preparing and delivering corporate-owned commercial properties to the market and providing Sellers with well-versed guidance and support.