Investor Services

Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales and Leasing.

Buyer Representation

A well-developed commercial real estate investment strategy is the foundation of wealth accumulation and preservation. Historically investing in commercial properties was reserved for sophisticated real estate investors due to the perceived complexity of managing brick and mortar assets. Nowadays, more investors are adding commercial properties to their overall investment portfolios because of their inherent benefits, including Diversified Cash Flow from Multi-Tenant Leases, Cost Recovery, Equity Growth, and Inflationary Hedging. Our Buyer Representation Group provides investors with decision-making analytics, acquisitions advisory, and transaction management.

Seller Representation

Planning the divestiture of a single commercial property or a portfolio of commercial properties requires knowledge and experience in valuation analysis, marketing and finance, and transaction management. The sales process needs to be professionally administrated from the planning stage through closing to mitigate obstacles, minimize delays, and achieve the intended results. With three decades of commercial real estate brokerage experience, our Seller Representation Group has the capabilities of preparing and delivering commercial properties for sale to the market and providing Sellers with well-versed guidance and support.

Landord Representation

The balance of maintaining high occupancy levels while also negotiating mutually favorable commercial lease terms with corporate tenants is both an art and science. Landlords have the task of mitigating operating expenses, planning for capital expenditures, and securing investor returns all the while accommodating end-user financial requirements. Our Landlord Representation Group has the experience of procuring qualifying tenants and delivering Landlords with a plan to achieve their intended results.